What types of problems can be evaluated at Tri-State DBPEDS?

 A developmental and behavioral pediatrician can evaluate and diagnose ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and most DSM-V related disorders in childhood and adolescence. A  developmental and behavioral pediatrician can screen for suspected learning disabilities with standardized instruments. These screenings can be very useful in determining whether a full learning assessment is needed. For a formal learning disability evaluation, children should see a qualified psychologist. Our office will help families locate those resources in the community and guide them from the beginning of the diagnostic process, to an understanding of educational needs, and support in the process of getting services in place at school to meet those needs. 

What type of testing is administered during a diagnostic evaluation?

A developmental and behavioral pediatrician uses a combination of methods to get an accurate assessment of a child's functioning.  History taking, review of pertinent records from school, and standardized developmental testing instruments all can be expected as part of the evaluation process. Our office will gather as much information as possible prior to the visit. Most diagnostic evaluations require two visits. The first visit will take 2-3 hours of face to face time.  We have expertise in a wide range of measurement scales. Depending on the situation, we may administer any of the following scales during our testing session:

  • Behavior Assessment Scale for Children
  • PHQ-9 (teen version)
  • Vanderbilt Rating Scales
  • Mullen Scales of Early Development
  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule
  • Gilliam Autism Rating Scale
  • Childhood Autism Rating Scale
  • Social Communication Questionnaire
  • Kauffman brief Intelligence TestWide Range Achievement Test

(this list is not exhaustive, other testing measures may also be used, as needed)

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